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Safe Electronic Signature / FirmaDoc

Sign with confidence - FirmaDoc, your trusted electronic signature solution.


Sign your documents in a simple, easy, safe, and fast way.

With FirmaDoc, signing your documents has never been simpler or more secure. Our innovative electronic signature system ensures that you can sign any type of document quickly, safely, and easily. Our cutting-edge recognition system identifies the person before the information system, guaranteeing that the citizen is whom they claim to be.

Our platform offers a straightforward and user-friendly solution for signing documents electronically, utilizing various validation methods. This ensures that all documentation is safeguarded, data remains secure, and the identity of the signer is verified quickly and accurately. 


Go Paperless, Go Secure:

Embrace the Digital Revolution with SUNTIC's Safe Electronic Signature Solution.

By eliminating the need for paper-based processes, you not only reduce costs but also enhance security through our advanced facial biometric recognition, safeguarding your signatures like never before.


Identification and Validation Differentiator

FirmaDoc is a secure web portal that allows users and companies to sign documents by using our robust access manager ONEGATE with authentication methods that include biometric facial recognition and document ID identification at the same time.

Our Portal performs the identity validation process for our clients, using the most modern facial recognition platform. It uses video liveness to extract the faces of the users of the system. With the enrollment process, our web portal prevents people from having to go to any place for these identification processes;

How it Works

After going through a very strong identification process, this intuitive platform will allow the user to share any document(s) for one or multiple people to sign by following a few easy and quick steps.


STEP 1: Registration/Login

Creating your account is easy and secure. Simply enter your identification data, upload your ID document, and perform biometric identification using video-liveness.

STEP 2: Add

Choose the document you wish to sign and drag it into the pdf file. Select whether you wish to sign the document or send it to others for signature, or both.

STEP 3: Select

Depending on the option that you selected in Step 1, choose which user you want to send the document to for signature.

STEP 4: Prepare

View the document that will be sent for signing.

STEP 5: Write and Send

Write a brief email with your subject and send it to the people who will sign the document.

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